Tear Resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass

Tear-resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass

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The base fabric of Tear-resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass is a glass fiber cloth with special strength, which is impregnated with high-quality PTFE resin through a special process, and the two are compounded into a high-temperature resistant cloth. This new composite material has shown broad application prospects in many fields with its unique performance.


This tear-resistant cloth is mainly natural brown in color, with a simple and practical texture design. It adopts a plain weave structure, which is not only beautiful, but also enhances its structural stability. Its strength is far better than the general PTFE coated fiberglass of the same thickness. The thickness is controlled between 0.08-0.16mm, and the maximum roll width can reach 1.5 meters, which is very suitable for the needs of various special coating machines.


The performance characteristics of Tear-resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass are unique. It can maintain stable performance in extreme temperature ranges (-196℃ to 360℃), and can easily cope with both high-temperature baking and low-temperature freezing. At the same time, it has excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals and can maintain a long service life even in harsh environments.


In addition, tear-resistant PTFE coated fiberglass also has excellent anti-stick properties, and its surface is almost non-sticky to any substance, making it widely used in food processing, medical and other fields. Its high strength and wear resistance allow it to maintain stable performance under heavy loads and high-speed movement environments.


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It is worth mentioning that tear-resistant PTFE coated fiberglass is also very convenient in cleaning and maintenance. Due to its non-stick and anti-fouling properties, it is not easy to get stains during use, and it is very convenient to clean, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


In short, tear-resistant PTFE coated fiberglass is gradually becoming a new favorite in the market with its excellent performance and wide application fields. Whether it is the hemming and joints of special coating machines,PTFE conveyor belts or bonding machine belts, it can play an excellent role and bring more efficient and convenient solutions to various industries.